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Castle Wolfenstein

A map for EntityPlus by Eraser. Published 1 November 2018.
Download from: Dropbox

Note: this map requires EntityPlus version 1.1.4 (or later) to play

Experience Wolfenstein 3D like you've never seen it before!
The Castle Wolfenstein map for EntityPlus is a faithful recreation of the first map of episode 1 of the classic 1992 id Software game Wolfenstein 3D. The map features higher resolution versions of the original Wolfenstein 3D textures. Where any in-level scenery like tables, lamps and plants were 2D sprites in the original game, they are now full 3D objects. The role of the enemy soldiers is played by the Grunt model with a custom skin to make him look more like the original soldiers in Wolfenstein 3D. And yes, there are dogs too.

The weapon roster of Wolfenstein 3D is a bit different than that of Quake 3 Arena. The original game would spawn you with a pistol. A machine gun could be found some ways into the level. In this EntityPlus rendition of the level, players are spawned with the shotgun and the role of machine gun is reprised by Quake 3's plasma gun. The remake of the map contains all secrets (opened by shooting the wall) and treasure can be found and picked up as well (which do increase your score).

The map contains nazi symbolism such as swastikas just like the original game did. If nazi symbolism offends you or it is illegal in your country, you can also download the NFE version (Nazi Free Edition) of the map. Note that the screenshots below have all been taken from the NFE version.

> Click here to download the NFE version <