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House of Dissent CTF

A map for Quake III Arena by Eraser. Published 6 February 2020.
Download from: Dropbox

This map is a CTF version of the House of Dissent map that was released back in 2011. The CTF was created by taking the original map, copying it, mirroring it and glueing them both together. The result is a rather large map (up to 10 players fit easily) that has an unconventional style of play.

The original map has two vertical levels where the flow is mostly circular, meaning that players tend to move through the map by running in circles (a very simplified way of putting it). The CTF gametype forces a more back-and-forth style of play, but due to the layout there are lots of ways to get from one point in the map to another. At first, this will be challenging, especially for players who are unfamiliar with the original map. Adding to this is the fact that the original map was mirrored and not rotated. This means that the blue base is a mirror image of the red base, so all lefts become rights and vice versa.

The original map featured a teleporter which allowed players to move from the lower corridor area to the upper corridor area. These teleporters were removed so that the corridors flow into the opposing bases. To facilitate more natural looking and interesting geometry a new central area has been built to connect the red and blue corridors together. This new area features a jumppad to get from the lower level to the upper level. At the upper level a Quad Damage will spawn.

The map is quite heavily equipped in the health and armor departments. It features two yellow and one red armor in each base (making a total of 400 armor, not counting shards). There are also two megahealths. However, the red armors are placed close to the flag, yet hard to reach for the defending team. They will need to take a detour to get there, allowing attacking players to beef up on armor before jumping into the flag area. This is a general theme of the map, where attackers will need to find a way to power themselves up to survive an attack on the flag. The flag is positioned in the wide out open, surrounded by higher levels. It is relatively easy to defend, so extra armor, health or a Quad Damage helps a lot.

To spice things up a BFG and Medkit have been placed in a small area between the two bases. The area is accessible from both sides through a set of doors. There are shootable targets above each set of doors that, when shot, will release a barrage of rockets into the BFG/Medkit area, killing any players inside. Anyone attempting to grab the BFG and Medkit will run the risk of getting eliminated this way.

The map was built as a way to kill time, fight boredom and as a bit of an experiment. The House of Dissent has previously been converted to a fullblown EntityPlus adventure and now received a CTF treatment. One map, three completely different experiences. Try them all!