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Testing Procedures

A map for EntityPlus by Eraser. Published 22 December 2011.
Download from: Dropbox

Note: this map requires EntityPlus version 1.1 (or later) to play

"Testing Procedures" is a single player adventure built for the EntityPlus mod. You play as an unnamed character who finds himself getting woken up in what looks like some sort of stasis pod. A computer voice instructs you to get ready for a series of tests to become a real arena gladiator. What this exactly means soon becomes clear as you navigate yourself through a series of rooms designed to test your mind and body, and your abilities as a warrior. It doesn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse and you'll find yourself fighting for survival rather than statistics.

The map brings a number of never seen before things to Quake III Arena. The whole single player setup that EntityPlus brings to the game is revolutionary and Testing Procedures makes good use of the new features the mod offers. You fight against hordes of bad guys, find that someone is trying to kill you in various ways and the whole thing climaxes with an epic fight against the antagonist of the story.

This adventure isn't all guns, explosions and action though. The underlying plot has a surprise or two in store for the player and humour is actually quite a large part of the experience. Fans of the Portal games will be delighted by the style of humour and the absurdity of it all and without spoiling too much, there is an impossible to miss, tongue-in-cheek reference to Portal itself. In classic Quake fashion, the map also hides a few secrets which only the most thorough players will find. And yes, of course the dopefish is in there,neatly tucked away in a hiding spot that you may eventually come by.

The whole map takes about 15 to 20 minutes to play from start to finish. It provides an insight into the rich array of possibilities that EntityPlus offers. Now here's hoping it'll inspire more mappers to take up EnitityPlus mapping and provide us with even more great single player adventures!