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A tutorial for building 2D platformer games

A new tutorial has become available that goes into detail on how to implement basic collision detection for 2D platformer games.

Take a look at Bones' Basement

This new 1v1 map for Quake III Arena is guaranteed for intense, action packed fights. Read all about it, download it and enjoy some more fraggin' fun!

Celestial Mechanics gets Q3A makeover

The Quake III Team Arena map Celestial Mechanics has received a Quake III Arena makeover so it can be played by those who do not own the Team Arena missionpack. It's the same, but still different!

House of Dissent becomes CTF map as well

A year and a half after the House of Dissent EntityPlus conversion, there's now also a CTF conversion of the map. The original House of Dissent was copied, mirrored and glued back to itself, given a lick of red and blue paint and received a few other makeovers as well. One map, three completely different experiences. Try them all!

House of Dissent becomes single player EntityPlus map

The range of maps of EntityPlus has been expanded today with a new addition. This new map is based on the House of Dissent map and offers an exciting new adventure.

A new EntityPlus map

Not one but three maps in this Duckhunt/Doom/VR inspired mappack. Note that the latest version of EntityPlus (1.1.6) is required to play these maps.

TwinStickShooter is now free!

To celebrate something (we're not sure what), TwinStickShooter is now a free game! That means everyone can enjoy the game without paying a dime for it! There's another TwinStickShooter related announcement, and that is that the game is no longer available through IndieVania, since that entire website went offline. Fortunately, we've made the game available through instead!

TwinStickShooter update

A small TwinStickShooter update has been released on IndieCity, Desura and IndieVania. The update fixes a problem with some achievements that wouldn't unlock and some issues with the installer were resolved. An updated version of the demo has also been released through both our website and IndieCity. The old version wouldn't always launch properly when running in fullscreen mode. This issue has been resolved in the new version.

New EntityPlus map: Survival

A new EntityPlus map was released just moments ago. This new map, titled Survival was constructed by Eraser and features a new take on single player gameplay by introducing a wave based progress system. Enemies are spawned into the map in waves and each wave must be defeated before progressing to the next wave. The player has five lives and a limited arsenal of weapons to work with. Survive as long as possible and shoot for a new high score!

EntityPlus 1.1.4 released

Exactly one year after the last update to the EntityPlus mod for Quake 3, a new updated has been released. This brings the mod to version 1.1.4, which includes a number of bug fixes and some cool new features as well.

TwinStickShooter Versus mode

An updated version of TwinStickShooter was just released on IndieCity, IndieVania and Desura. This new version has the new "versus" game mode, which allows you to play a one-on-one game of TwinStickShooter against a friend (or foe!) over the Internet or local LAN. The mode features 6 new powerups that you can use to either boost your own abilities or thwart your opponent's efforts to score points. This new version is absolutely free for those that have already bought the game in the past. New buyers will of course get the fully updated new version automatically.

TwinStickShooter released!

TwinStickShooter has been released via IndieCity. Both the full game and a free demo are available through the game's store page. Get your copy now!

Take a sneak preview of EoC's upcoming game, "TwinStickShooter".

The first game of The Engines of Creation is almost done. The last bits of polish are applied and then it's sent over to IndieCity for validation. Once it's validated the game will be available for download through their game client. A preview video was compiled to give a glimpse of the game, which can be viewed here on

Welcome to the new site!

The Engines of Creation website has received a complete makeover. The new site allows for a much wider variety of content to be put up for display. With the Engines of Creation team forraging into new areas, such as mod and game development, a new website was in order to allow us to inform you about the things we're working on. Stay tuned for juicy details on complete games developed by The Engines of Creation!

EntityPlus still going strong

An update for the EntityPlus mod for Quake III Arena is available. This release updates the mod to version 1.1.3 and brings a bunch of important fixes. While EntityPlus is put on the back burner recently, new content for the mod is being worked on. Click "read more" to visit the EntityPlus project page on Google Plus.