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The Dimension of Evil

A map for EntityPlus by Eraser. Published 3 December 2021.
Download from: Dropbox

Note: this map requires EntityPlus version 1.1.9 (or later) to play

Meddling in the affairs of interdimensional horrors of evil is known to be a bad idea. In general, hellish dimensions are a place to stay away from, but what if you find yourself suddenly teleported into another dimension infested with evil creatures hellbent on ending your life as quickly as possible? There's only one way to ensure your survival: kill everything else.

In The Dimension of Evil, the latest custom level for the single player mod EntityPlus you find yourself in exactly this situation. A mysterious interdimensional force has teleported you into another dimension, forcing you to use your weapons and wit to fight through the hordes of evil standing in your way. Ultimately, you will have to face the Candenti Oculis, a fearsomely large monster that controls its minions in this dimension.

The level immediately throws you a curveball, as you'll find yourself watching over a large impassable canyon. There used to be a bridge here, but only little of it remains. You will have to find a way to cross, taking you deep into the bowels of this hellish bload-soaked dimension. As you fight your way through piles of enemies, you will eventually reach the reality altering void where Candenti Oculis is holed up. Things are not always what they seem to be here and reality will warp and change around you as you press on, making it impossible to know where you actually really are.

There is little storytelling involved in this level, although there are hints (some obvious, some less so) that this level is actually a spin-off adventure of the Dissent Breach level. The two levels co-exist in the same universe and Dimension of Evil references Dissent Breach in more than one way.

Get ready for the best EntityPlus adventure yet! Grab your guns and shoot evil in the face. Your life depends on it.