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Dissent Breach

A map for EntityPlus by Eraser. Published 6 September 2018.
Download from: Dropbox

Note: this map requires EntityPlus version 1.1.4 (or later) to play

To some players, the opening of this map might be familiar. This is no wonder as the first half of the map is based on Eraser's own House of Dissent (ermap4) map. Instead of having the usual Quake 3 Arena brawl in there, the player now fights through the map in linear fashion. The initial design goal for the map was to build an EntiyPlus map based on an existing (deathmatch) map, however, the project grew wildly out of scope and ended up being much, much bigger than just the House of Dissent itself.

Dissent Breach starts off with an introduction explaining the background story of the mission. The "demons-invaded/you-are-our-last-hope" premise is razor thin but it's just enough to give yourself a purpose in the world. You quickly find yourself shooting demons in the face with your trusty shotgun and if feels really good. The map has various set-pieces that serve to direct the player through the map in an interesting way. The final sections of the map offer a twist on what has come before.

While the map will have the player encounter a great number of mechanics that could be seen as cliche, seeing it work in a mod for Quake 3 is an oddly satisfying experience. The map makes you feel like you're playing a genuine single player game, and not as if you're playing a single player experience that was bolted onto what is essentially a multiplayer game.