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House of Dissent

A map for Quake III Arena by Eraser. Published 13 February 2011.
Download from: Dropbox

House of Dissent is a small deathmatch map suitable for 4 to 6 players. It is set in a classic gothic theme and applies a bit of a back-to-basics look. Geometry and texturing are basic but sufficient. More industrial looking elements are present throughout the map, giving it the feeling of an old temple that's refurbished for use as deathmatch arena.

The map consists of two main areas. The center point of the first main area is the Megahealth. A nearby jumppad pushes players up to a higher level which features some health and the Grenade Launcher and functions as an upper walkway towards the other main area. Next to the jumppad a large clock tower is present and functions as a notable feature of this area. Walking around the clock tower reveals another short corridor with the Plasmagun which also ends up in the other main area, below the previously mentioned walkway.

Right across the jumppad is a wide but small staircase leading into a corridor. Here the Shotgun can be found and at the other end of the corridor, a relatively small room features two other exists. One of them leads into a small corridor towards the second main room. The other is a teleporter whose target is right above itself, in another room that sits right on top of the lower room. The Lightninggun can be found here.

This upper room also features a corridor towards the second main room. The second main room features two levels of height. The lower level has the Rocket Launcher with the upper level (which basically is a bridge plus walkway) features the Yellow Armor. The upper walkway here also connects back to the first main room where you'll end up at a higher platform which holds the Railgun. This platform gives a good overview of this main area, making it a good position for controlling the MH. The other side of this small platform features a jumppad up to a slightly elevated corridor that leads back to the room holding the LG.

A special addition to this map is the inclusion of holographic "developer commentary" screens. These screens appear throughout the map when it's loaded up in the CTF gametype. The screens give all kinds of information about the construction of this map, how it evolved between beta releases and offbeat facts.