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Rusty Browns

A map for Quake III Arena by Eraser. Published 20 February 2004.
Download from: Dropbox

This map is a fast deathmatch map designed to work in either Free For All or Team Deathmatch gamemodes. It consists of three main areas which are connected through corridors, doorways, ramps and basements.

The central area features a ground level area that allows for some intense fighting as players can hide behind the multi-pillared column holding up a large platform or quickly move to higher grounds using a jumppad or escape through one of the three exits. The ground level doesn't feature any heavy weaponry, forcing players to move through other parts of the map as well.

This area has roughly two seperate upper areas, one being the platform holding the Quad which is next to a chamber holding the Grenade Launcher, which allows players to lob grenades into the doorways at the lower area in hopes of hitting an unsuspecting player. There's a second upper area which isn't much more than an exit out of a corridor into the central area. This small platform holds a key weapon, the Rocket Launcher. The rather deadend-ish location of the Rocket Launcher forces people to actively move towards it to get it, which results in games where weapons other than the RL play a bigger role, which is an interesting change of pace.

Two of the three exits from the Central Area allow end up in the outer area. This is a relatively thin and long streched area where the railgun definitely is a weapon to fear. The area has a ground level floor and a higher walkway which features most of the important items in this area. It can be used to reach a Red Armor, the Plasmagun or some RL/RG ammo. The upper walkway also has a bridge-like construction technically cutting the area in half, allowing for ground-level safety against Railers at the other half of the area. One of the two exits from the central area to the outer area is at ground level, the other pushes the player up onto the bridge construction. One side of this area has a large gap in the floor, allowing players to drop down into a basement which features a teleporter that'll teleport the player towards the GL platform in the central area and a Lightninggun. The basement also allows entry into the third main area, the YA hallway.

The YA hallway, as the name suggests, features a Yellow Armor. Players can choose to use a jumppad to get on top of a walkway leading to both the Quad platform and the GL platform, move back into the basement, take the third exit of the central area back into that area or move up the ramp towards the long twisty corridor. Once a player reaches the top of the ramp, he/she can choose to make a 180 degree turn and grab the Megahealth and RL, and if desired drop down into the ground level of the central area or they can continue into the corridor to grab the railgun and end up at the upper walkway in the outside area at the plasmagun.

The map's visual style is that of an old rusty base-style building. This look has somewhat been inspired by Lunaran's Coriolis Storm.