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Concrete Void Redux

A map for Quake III Arena by r3tina. Published 5 February 2003.
Download from: Dropbox

This map is an altered version of Concrete Void (rjlctf2), which I made for the Geo Challenge 2. Concrete Void, although visually and technically sound, is lacking in one major area, and that is gameplay. The central area is a real chokepoint, and the narrow path across the void is an ideal place for defenders to wait for the enemy flagcarrier. And instead of fragging him, they can just toss him into the pit.

Because of that, I decided to remake the central area of the map. This time the central area of the map is a lot smaller, and is basically a room with two floors. And, most important, without any pit you can fall in. It's now possible for a flag carrier to choose from two different routes, one high and one low, and because of the way the central area is set up, it takes at least 2 defenders to see which route was choosen.

Performance of the map, especially with bots, has also improved a lot, due to the removal of the huge central area.

Concrete Void Redux supports, just like the original, CTF and the other 3 Team Arena gametypes. To complete the Team Arena support, there are also team powerups present.