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Eagle's Temple

A map for Quake III Arena by r3tina. Published 6 March 2000.
Download from: Dropbox

Eagles Temple was the first Quake III map that r3tina ever created. According to r3tina this map is more something of a learning project for himself than an actual attempt to make that ultimate map. This map does offer a lot to Q3A players though.

The map is not very large and this allows for fast gameplay with not too much players, about 4 to 6, but this map also shows some potential for 1 on 1 fights. The map consists mainly of one big open central area where probably most of the action will take place. The rest of the map are mainly (open air) corridors around the map. Some parts are a bit tight and most fights in this map are a bit too much two dimensional. Some more vertical action wouldn't hurt this map at all but this probably won't be missed by those who are having problems with maps like q3tourney4.

Bots play well in this map, but they seem to go a lot for the lightninggun. If you'll camp around there with a rocket launcher you'll have armor, health and ammo nearby and the bots will come to you eventually. The bots do navigate this map really well, perhaps because of it's simplicity. No parts are left uncovered by the bots, but the lightninggun still seems to have some attraction to them.

The overall design was intended to be Gothic, but this didn't work out that well. Some parts could use a little more detail and texturing could have been done a bit better. The stained glass windows are pretty interesting, and the reflection of the sky in the big window with the eagle (hence the name Eagles Temple) really works out well.

Eagles Temple is worth the download, and it will provide you with at least a couple of hours of great action and fun. However, this map doesn't make it to the top charts by far because a lot of things could be improved. Don't be discouraged to download this map though, because you won't regret doing it. The map shows a lot potential but it's pretty obvious it was a first mapping attempt.