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A map for Quake III Arena by r3tina. Published 18 August 2001.
Download from: Dropbox

Renaissance is r3tina's 4th Quake 3 Arena map. After his last CTF map, he wanted to make something for Team Deathmatch, and in particular for the Freezetag Mod.

The map is about the same size as q3dm7, on which r3tina based his idea of this map. It's suited for teams up to 5 or 6 players and it will support large standard deathmatch games as well. You can clearly see similarities with DM7, but r3tina made nice changes so it's not just another clone of certain q3dm7 areas. The map consists of 1 interior room and 4 outside courtyards connected via dungeon rooms, upper and lower hallways. Maybe the upper hallways are in the beginning difficult to get to since there are only 2 jumppads, but after a while you will get the hang of the layout and you know exactly where to find the jumps. Item placement is done quite well which adds to the fast gameflow in this map. The megahealth is placed underwater so it's risky to go for it.

The bots play nice, although they to wander around from the central courtyard and the rocketlauncher most of the time. They do navigate the other parts of the map, but most bots seem to avoid the lightning gun located in the cathedral. This is probably because its on a raised ramp connected to a staircase.

As for the use of textures, I was very pleased to see original use of gothic textures from the standard q3 textures, textures from EvilLair and a few custom textures and shaders. Gothic textures tend to make a map rather dull and sober, but I think r3tina did a good job in that respect.

After 2 hours of play testing and help from one of the [CFS] clan-members I can say that this map is well worth the download. It makes a fine addition to the already existing TDM-maps. Now let's try to get it running on the Demon FreezeTag server :-)