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State Prison 36

A map for Quake III Arena by r3tina. Published 1 February 2003.
Download from: Dropbox

This map is the most detailed map I have made up to this point. I wanted to see what the Quake 3 engine is capable of in terms of detail and effects, and the end result surprised not only me, but, according to the feedback I got, a lot of other people too.

Because of the large amounts of detail going on, you'll need a faster-than-average pc. Something in the range of an 700MHz cpu and Geforce2 will be enough for most people, although bot matches can get quite demanding.

The layout of the map is a fairly standard figure-eight layout, with the big hall as central hub. This hall works as an attraction point for both bots and human players, as the quad also spawns here. Because of its size, this isn't much of a problem. In serious team match situations, the central hall will serve as the meeting point between the two teams, as they both try to rush the quad.
The moving platform in the centre of the hall adds a bit of fun, as the position of the platform can make or break a rush from the lower grounds.

Some random ego stroking comments from the Q3W level editing forums:

Totally awesome map. Did a quick run through it with bots, which my system (AMD Ahtlon 700Mhz, GF2GTS, 512Mb) didn't like very much. Performance was comparable to UT2k3, with the only difference that I now had 6 bots running around as well - Eraser

Very, very nice work! And very good framerate, considering the level of detail. You did a nice job of keeping the brushwork (comparitively) simple and efficient to allow for the added detail.
The bloodstains on the floors, burst pipes, broken grates and so forth really serve to make it feel like an actual place instead of a generic map--and the scrolling text on the displays is a nice touch. - pjw

that by far visually is one of the best maps i've ever played. excellent job - axbaby