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Weapons of Fury: Reloaded

A mod for Quake III Arena by Eraser. Published 21 September 2010.
Download from: Github

Weapons of Fury: Reloaded is a reincarnation of the Weapons of Fury mod. This mod was hugely popular with the Engines of Creation team back in the day but unfortunately, it's files were lost. The mod is nowhere to be found on the Internet either, so I decided that, as a learning project, I'd try and recreate the mod in the Quake III Arena 1.32 codebase so people can enjoy the gameplay of Weapons of Fury again.

With Weapons of Fury: Reloaded (or WoF:R for short) all weapons are removed from the map and players spawn with the Rocket Launcher. When a player scores a frag, he's awarded the next weapon (the Plasmagun) and loses the Rocket Launcher. Then when a frag is made with the PG, the player progresses on to the Shotgun. Then to the Lightninggun, then the Railgun, then the Grenade Launcher, then the Machinegun and finally, the BFG.

Scoring a frag with the BFG will award you 10 points instead of 1, so getting that BFG really allows you to boost your score tremendously. There is a catch, however. If you are fragged yourself, you will be respawned with the Rocket Launcher and you have to fight your way to that BFG all over again. All weapons have unlimited ammo as well.

WoF:R was basically a learning process for me. The first few careful steps into the world of Quake 3 modding. I decided to share the knowledge I had accumulated during the process, so I decided to write a tutorial that carefully describes how to recreate the mod yourself. This will allow ambitious programmers to take those same steps into making mods for Quake 3 with a clear guide through the code that's relevant for this mod.

Ofcourse this means that the sourcecode is fully open source and available to all who are interested. People interested in making changes to the code are welcome to do so.