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The Engines of Creation Mappack

A map for Quake III Arena by Eraser, r3tina, SithLord. Published 1 May 2020.
Download from: Dropbox

On the day of this writing, the release of the very first custom Engines of Creation Quake III Arena map has been just a sliver over 20 years ago. It all started with r3tina's Eagle's Temple map. Almost 30 map releases followed, most of them available as stand-alone downloads here at The Engines of Creation. To celebrate the past 20 years of mapping, a mappack has been created that contains all vanilla Quake III Arena maps (eg: doesn't require a mod to run) of the past 20 years.

This mappack is more than just a bundle of maps thrown in a ZIP file. It contains a complete multi-tier single player component as well, based off of the Q3SPEnhanced mod, which allows maps to be played in Free For All, as well as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and 1v1 Tournament modes. It also contains introduction videos for each tier as well as an ending cinematic. Do note that Q3A does not properly play its own videos if you are running the game in a non-4:3 aspect ratio resolution. Either switch to a 4:3 display resolution, or use an updated executable like ioQuake3.

The mappack contains the following maps:

The watchful reader may have noticed there's a single new level in there that was previously unreleased, called The Engines of Creation. It's little more than a very basic introduction map which introduces you to the content found in the mappack. At the end, however, you'll find a new bot, Dash, waiting for you. After the introduction, the first tier opens up, giving you a selection of FFA, TDM and CTF maps to fight your way through. The second and third tiers are mostly about CTF. The fourth and final tier sees you facing off against Bones and his four friends: Jones, Moans, Tones and Simones.

The maps as well as the five custom bots and their skin files are placed in your baseq3 folder, making them available for use in plain Quake 3 or any of its mods as well. The five bots come complete with custom chat lines as well. While Dash steals most of her lines from her sister Crash, Jones, Moans, Tones and Simones each have their written from scratch chat lines, creating their individual personalities. Jones clearly is the pirate of the gang, with Moans being the never ending sad faced loser that complains about just about anything. Tones is the old cool dude with swag and style, while Simones talks exclusively in, well, Nina Simone song titles, lyrics and quotes.

Even if all of the included maps are familiar to you, it's still a refreshing experience to play through all of these maps again, in order, in a single player type of setting. At 90mb in size, the download would've been quite the hefty one twenty years ago, but for today's standards, that's almost nothing. Enjoy this trip through time!