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McKinley's Vengeance

A map for Quake III Arena by Eraser. Published 12 February 2001.
Download from: Dropbox

- There is also a Team Arena version of this map available on our site -

- This map is included in the PureCTF map pack as a special tweaked version, tailored for the PureCTF mod, as puremap3 -

- This map is also included in AllianceCTF mappack 5, as actf36 -

- An extended version of this map is included in the UMP2 CTF mappack, as ump2ctf3 -

- read the short story about the mythical creation of McKinley's Vengeance here -

This is a map with a history. First appearing for the ThreeWave CTF Quake mod, then called McKinley Base, this map was a classic from day one. When id released the official CTF add-on for Quake II this map was again included, but now by the name of McKinley Revival. Again it was an instant hit. Now the third incarnation of McKinley is here, this time for Quake III Arena CTF.

Eraser did a fine job in capturing the layout and architectural traits of McKinley Revival. The base is almost identical to the Quake II version and the layout is spot on. The map was however completely build from scratch and only the trusty eye was used to copy the layout of the original.

There were however a few problems with this conversion. The biggest one was the absence of lifts and ladders in Quake III Arena. As we all know the railgun is reached with a lift in the original, and the tubes running from and to the base is only accessible by a ladder. Luckily these issues were easily fixed with the help of a few jumppads and some minor changes to the geometry.

A more important issue was the original texturing of McKinley Revival. It is forbidden to use textures from another Quake game (or any game, for that matter) in a Quake III Arena map, so Eraser had to find a way to capture the original look of the map without using the original textures.

The standard base textures included with Quake III Arena were not suited for this map. After a couple of re-textures Eraser decided to use the [HFX] texture packs by Evil_Lair.

The resulting texturing is very good and it gives McKinley's Vengeance that typical McKinley feeling without losing a certain 'Quake III-ness'. The use of some typical Quake III Arena features, like curves and shader effects, add to this look and make this map look very good.

The gameplay of the map is what we are used of McKinley Revival: fast and furious. Defense has a small advantage over the attackers, but a well coordinated attack can wipe out a base pretty effective.

The lack of a grapple in Quake III Arena can be seen as a problem, but after some playtime you won't notice it. The map plays different because of this, but not in a bad way. I only missed the grapple once when I was swimming in the central basin, since you don't have any fast escape routes. The need for some backup when carrying the flag through the water increases because of this, but it also adds to the teamplay. A lone 'grapplemonkey' or hero making a capture is out of the question.

This map will bring back good memories from the Quake II days!