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McKinley's Vengeance for TA

A map for Quake III Team Arena by Eraser. Published 5 March 2001.
Download from: Dropbox

- There is also a vanilla Quake 3 version of this map available on our site -

A new version of Eraser's remake of McKinley Revival, this time tailored for Team Arena. The map features all four gametypes: CTF, One-flag, Harvester and Overload.

The map is probably at it's best with the One-flag gametype. The fast paced action of this type, combined with the tight layout of the map makes sure the game will be fast and furious.

The special Team Arena team powerups, items and weapons are also present in this version, although not every item has been included. The Scout team powerup is missing, due to the small size of the map. A scout would make a flag capture more of a hit-and-run scenario than a real team effort.

The Kamikaze is also absent, for obvious reasons (or perhaps you do know a way to evade the blast while stuck in your own base?), as is the proxy launcher (can you say 'mine carpet'...? ;)

All in all this version is just as much fun as the 'original' and a must-have for every Team Arena addict.