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A Brush too Far

A map for Quake III Arena by r3tina. Published 20 April 2001.
Download from: Dropbox

- There is also a Team Arena version of this map available on our site -

A Brush Too Far is an amazing Quake III Arena map build for Capture the Flag. This impressive map shows a lot of detail with its brushcount of over 7000.

The map basically consists of two industrially looking bases with an open area in the center. The map offers a lot of different routes to and from the flag rooms, and each flag room has no less than four entrances. Connectivity is good, and all routes in the map end up at the same two entrances per base in the central area. The map's overall size is pretty big and this offers great action for teams of 4 or 5 players.

The aestethics of the map are great. The look of the map makes a sort of industrial, worn out base impression. r3tina made excellent use of the HFX texture packs by evil_lair. The dark and worn out look of the textures really add to the atmosphere of the map.

The defense seems to have a small advantage over the offense since the flag is surrounded by an elevation on which the defenders can position themselves to take out any attackers. This renders the main lower entrance nearly useless, as anyone who enters there can be seen from a fairly large distance and be taken out with a single shot from a rocket launcher. The remaining three entrances are on the level of the elevation and are much better ways to enter the flag room.

Some parts of the map feel a little bit cramped. As some corridors are a bit twisty you'll find yourself running head-on into another player a lot, which does make the shotgun an excellent weapon in this map though.

The large amount of detail brushwork, cramped spaces and twisty corridors sometimes get in the way when you're running back to your own base, holding the flag, with the whole enemy team at your tail. Strafe jumping is not an option since you'll find yourself bumping into walls a lot.

The bots play surprisingly well in this map. They seem to find their way on their own and don't take one obvious short route. I've seen the bots cover most of the map without problems, though they tend to stay on the lower grounds when guarding the flag, which makes it easy to attack using the upper entrances while holding a grenade launcher.

The map looks great and plays great. It offers something quite different than what you're used to, and gameplay speed is pretty high, even with the big size of the map. This is definitely a map taking the top spot on the Engines of Creation.