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Still Too Far

A map for Quake III Team Arena by r3tina. Published 28 May 2001.
Download from: Dropbox

- There is also a vanilla Q3 version of this map available on our site -

Still too far is the Team Arena version of r3tina's vq3 CTF map "A Brush Too Far". The overall layout is still the same, with the exception of the neutral middlegrounds. This central area is now about 50% bigger and provides two additional ways to reach the other side. It also contains a bit more detail than the original version and is closed off a bit nicer at the sides, with lighttowers and all.

The map lends itself perfectly for the four known Team Arena gametypes. The new central area provides good battlegrounds for Harvester and Oneflag games. While CTF was already a blast on this map, Overload seems to be the least fun for Still too far because of the relatively small flagroom.

No textures or anything have been changed, except for some direction markers and some clipping issues here and there have been fixed. r3tina also added three of the four Team Powerups, only the Scout is abscent. The only new weapon is the Chaingun.

Bots seem to play all four gametypes pretty much ok, though they are kind of predictable, but that is not unusual for the Quake III bots.

This new TA version of r3tina's map is even better than the original. The new middleground adds some good gameplay and it is now a place where battles can be fought, instead of trying to flee inside a base before you're shot into the deathfog.

A fine addition to anyone's Team Arena collection